by Ubi Sunt

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These songs are arrangements of compositions from the medieval and renaissance periods. 1, 2, and 4 are aires for lute and voice by Thomas Campion, 3 is Solage's "Calextone, qui fut dame terrouse". Aside from the guitar and drums, the music and lyrics in these songs were written by Campion and Solage.


released October 13, 2012



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Ubi Sunt

Funeral doom for a world lit only by fire.

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Track Name: Follow Thy Saint
Follow your Saint, follow with accents sweet ;
Haste you, sad noates, fall at her flying feete :
There, wrapt in cloud of sorrowe pitie moue,
And tell the rauisher of my soule I perish for her loue.
But if she scorns my neuer-ceasing paine,
Then burst with sighing in her sight, and nere returne againe.

All that I soong still to her praise did tend,
Still she was first ; still she my songs did end.
Yet she my loue and Musicke both doeth flie,
- The Musicke that her Eccho is and beauties simpathie ;
Then let my Noates pursue her scornfull flight :
It shall suffice that they were breath'd and dyed for her delight.
Track Name: Fire Fire
Fire, fire, fire, fire.
Loe here I burne in such desire
That all the teares that I can straine
Out of mine idle empty braine
Cannot allay my scorching paine.
Come Trent, and Humber, and fayre Thames ;
Dread Ocean, haste with all thy streames :
And if you cannot quench my fire,
O drowne both mee and my desire.

Fire fire, fire, fire.
There is no hell to my desire.
See, all the Riuers backward flye,
And th' Ocean doth his waues deny,
For feare my heate should drinke them dry.
Come, heau'nly showres, then, pouring downe ;
Come you that once the world did drowne :
Some then you spar'd, but now saue all,
That else must burne, and with mee fall.
Track Name: Calextone
Calextone, who was an earthly lady.
made such a sweet sacrifice to Jupiter
that he placed her, as his true wife.
high upon the throne and was very favourable unto her.
and then lovingly
he crowned her above all other women abundantly.
Then all the gods, as a token of esteem.
accepted her joyously and lovingly looked to her happiness.
Track Name: Follow Thy Faire Sunne
Follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow,
Though thou be black as night
And she made all of light,
Yet follow thy fair sun unhappy shadow.

Follow her whose light thy light depriveth,
Though here thou liv’st disgraced,
And she in heaven is placed,
Yet follow her whose light the world reviveth.

Follow those pure beams whose beauty burneth,
That so have scorched thee,
As thou still black must be,
Till Her kind beams thy black to brightness turneth.

Follow her while yet her glory shineth,
There comes a luckless night,
That will dim all her light,
And this the black unhappy shade divineth.

Follow still since so thy fates ordained,
The Sun must have his shade,
Till both at once do fade,
The Sun still proved, the shadow still disdained.